Choosing The Best Laser Hair Removal Machine For Your Salon

Choosing the best hair removal machine is important if you want to initiate a laser hair removal enterprise or grow your aesthetic practice or medical spa with this in-demand treatment. Before making a large investment, there are several factors to consider. 

It is critical to conduct research before actually buying a laser device. Choosing the best system for your needs can save money and time while improving your salon's prestige. While laser machines are extremely versatile, skin rejuvenation and hair removal are the most common salon applications.

We've illustrated the top four attributes to look to help you select the best laser hair removal machine for your salon:

Choosing The Best Laser Hair Removal Machine For Your Salon

Need for Speed

We live in a fast-paced world. Aesthetic patients and consumers, in particular, expect near-instant gratification and require treatments that accommodate their hectic lifestyles and schedules. They not only want and require speed, but they also expect it. We're not referring to swift customer service; we're talking about quick treatment times.

Correct Spot Size

Spot size is an important feature of a laser hair removal device. Compared to a laser with a fairly smaller spot size, a laser with a bigger spot size can significantly decrease treatment duration and allow you to serve more clients in a day. Furthermore, larger spot sizes allow for deeper skin penetration, resulting in increased treatment efficacy on the deepest follicles.

The ComplexCity Triple Wavelengths Diode 808, for example, sports a large applicator, enabling it to penetrate various tissue depths and target multiple hair follicle structures while maintaining an optimal, safe temperature throughout the treatment process. This continuous cooling system ensures that permanent hair reduction is achieved with minimal pain.

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Suitable for All Skin Types

If you want to become a renowned laser hair removal service provider in your location, you must be able to treat clients with all skin types. It's not a good idea to turn down service to a customer for any rationale, especially if you cannot handle their skin tone properly.

When hair removal technology was first introduced, it was limited to being used on people with lighter-toned skin. Clients with darker skin types experienced more negative outcomes, like burns, hyperpigmentation, and other issues. Advances in more recent technology, such as integrating skin cooling, operating at multiple wavelengths, and other advancements, have made laser hair removal safe and more accessible to patients of all skin types.

You'll want a device that treats all skin types and removes most hair types, irrespective of skin color or texture. You'll also want a machine with a built-in 360-degree contact skin-cooling system. It will immediately cool the skin before each therapy pulse. This is a feature that all clients enjoy and should be considered while buying a machine.

A well-rounded machine is the ComplexCity Triple Wavelengths Diode 808. The remarkable equipment takes care of all the hard work for you! Its design enables you to deliver tailored treatments based on two essential factors that the operator selects within the system: the client's skin color and the specific body area being treated. Once these selections have been made, the equipment will work wonders.

Reliable Service

When deciding which laser hair removal machine to buy, don't overlook the level of service support with your laser device. Think what would happen if your laser malfunctioned or if there was an emergency. You will require prompt and dependable assistance to work as soon as possible. 

Even though most companies have onsite technicians who can service your machine, this is not always true. Some companies outsource certain tasks to third-party service providers. They may have limited knowledge of technology and a slow response time. A laser system that can't be maintained immediately is a source of dissatisfaction for you, your company, and your customers.

Choosing the best laser hair removal machine for your salon is an exciting step toward the growth of your business. You're ready to invest once you've determined your non-negotiables for the ideal laser hair removal machinery. Hopefully, this guide enables you to make an informed decision confidently.