ComplexCity Aesthetics believes that our products are of the highest quality and designed to last long-term. We offer 1-year warranties on spa machines and 1-month warranty on home machines. During the warranty period, we will gladly accept a defective part or complete unit from you at our discretion, repair or replace it, and return it to you free of charge.

To prevent equipment failure, daily maintenance must be executed by consumers while using the equipment. Damages due to maintenance failure or inappropriate use by customers are not covered by this warranty. Our warranty covers defects associated with internal components, however, accessories and parts, such as tips, and gloves are not covered. This warranty does not cover damage incurred by user environment and care including but not limited to fading, staining, crushing, and general wear. All equipment purchased from ComplexCity Aesthetics is to be used and operated by a qualified, trained professional only. The limited warranty is only offered to the original buyer of the equipment and doesn't transfer to a new owner.

At ComplexCity Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on offering only the most durable, reliable products to our clients. If you encounter any issues with your equipment within this warranty period, ComplexCity Aesthetics will happily assist you in repairing or replacing a defective part at no cost to you. We will always help you troubleshoot any issues and accept any equipment back to our location for inspection and repair. Photos/videos will be requested from the consumer when a claim for defect is filed.