AboutComplexCity Aesthetics

ComplexCity Aesthetics is a professional beauty distributor dedicated to providing affordable, top-quality medical spa equipment for use by all beauty and skincare providers. By partnering with us, you are not only investing in equipment- you are investing in an opportunity to capitalize on current beauty trends and create your own success. You are always welcome to visit ComplexCity Spa in Hallandale, Florida to see the current beauty machines available to purchase. Our highly-trained estheticians are committed to ensuring you are beyond happy with the training, equipment, and guidance we offer you. ComplexCity Aesthetics’s expansive selection of professional equipment is specially designed and built to be sturdy, safe, and successful in treating a variety of issues


Standing Out

Here are just a few reasons why we are the best providers of equipment and service in the beauty industry:
Experience: our incredible team of professionals is committed to working with you to ensure both your satisfaction and success. With years of experience in the global beauty industry, our licensed estheticians and marketing team understand how to be successful in today’s industry- and we want to help you achieve the same for your salon/spa.
Selection: ComplexCity Aesthetics only offers the most advanced, reliable, and modern equipment in today’s beauty market. Our professionals are constantly keeping up with current trends and advancements in aesthetics to ensure our technology is up-to-date and the best you can find.
Training materials: never again purchase equipment that you are not 100% confident using! Everything we offer is accompanied by resourceful materials to help you safely and effectively use your equipment. User manuals, real tips, and in-person free individualized training are a few of the great services you will receive by working with us.
Competitive prices: you won’t find any company offering the same service and equipment we do for better prices. When you purchase from us, you are investing in a lifetime of support, free materials, and professional assistance with successfully developing your company.
Pre-ordering: we pride ourselves on our unique and expansive selection, but if you ever find yourself wanting equipment we don’t have listed, contact us and we will order it for you! ComplexCity Aesthetics aims to be your #1 source of all your beauty business needs, so we gladly will help with any requests to invest in the best possible equipment for you.
No minimum orders: have the freedom to order what you want when you want! There are no minimum requirements for purchases, so you can get equipment as you need it, stress-free.
Easy ordering and open communication: we are always one call, email, or visit away from answering all your questions! Have security in knowing we are always available and able to get back to you quickly- our service is reliable and convenient to guarantee your satisfaction both before and after your purchase.
Support for your business: whether you are practicing for a salon/spa, opening your own beauty business, or working independently for years, we have the best resources and estheticians to help you one-on-one with expanding your practice, improving your results, and out-performing your competitors.