ComplexCity Cryo-Thermal Skin Lifting System

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3-Step Cryo-RF Contrast Skin Rejuvenation
ComplexCity Cryo-Thermal Contrast System designed to:
Tighten and rejuvenate the skin
Contour facial features
Slim and firm double chin
Improve skin texture


ComplexCity Aesthetics developed the unique skin tightening protocol based on the synergy of Radio Frequency and Cryo-technologies.
Step 1:
Initial Collagen Stimulation with Radio Frequency
Intense thermal heating with RF initiates the chain of neocollagenesis and starts the skin rejuvenating process.
Step 2:
Cryo-Thermal Shock
While the dermal skin layer is heated the Cryotherapy is applied to create the "thermal shock" effect.
Extremely low temperature of the cryo wand delivered 100% holistic and safe skin cooling into the skin.
This step creates a drastic dramatic contrast from deeply hot to extra cold condition.
It helps to achieve 3X greater skin tightening results.
Step 3:
Intensifying Skin Rejuvenation with Radio Frequency
Final thermal RF step that triggers drastic collagen boosting and elastin production.
For outstanding and long-lasting facial contouring results.
What to expect after Cryo-Lift treatment course:
1. Slim and Contoured double chin area
2. Firmer and tighter skin
3. Improved skin texture and elasticity
4. Reduced puffiness and skin discoloration
5. Smoothed out fine lines and wrinkles around eyes and mouth
6. Sculpted jawline and slimmer neck
7. Rejuvenated skin on hands
8. Reduced oily skin gloss and reminisced skin pores
9 Overall improved skin quality
How to increase your income with ComplexCity Cryo-Lift?
Recommended treatment sessions:
Package of 8-10 treatments, one time per week.
Visual results after the first treatment.
Cumulative long-lasting results are expected in 28 days after.


Cold and Hot
Cryogenic Temperature: 2~-5 degree centigrade
Heating Temperature: 38~45 degree centigrade

RF Frequency: 5mhz
Power: 50W

Package Including

1 x Abs Bottle
1 x Main Machine
1 x Cold and Hot RF Handle
1 x Power Cord

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